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Imaging Consultants

Soft Horizons has been helping leading businesses to meet their imaging technology needs since 1988.

Our consulting group is a blend of imaging and IT experts headed by Mr. John Desrosiers, Senior Partner. That core group is complemented by alliances with many specialist consultants who may be called upon as needed.

We specialize in Postscript Language, GhostScript and PDF technology.

Other projects have included:

  • RIP development
  • High-level document conversion
  • Image conversion and processing
  • Pre-press
  • Document display systems
  • Driver development
  • Font technology
  • Content management for print and web
  • Special PostScript and PDF programming

Please contact John Desrosiers directly for a customer list or for a quotation.

  The most knowledgeable... about Ghostscript outside of our core staff.   -- Artifex Software, exclusive licensors of Ghostscript