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TrueType fonts don't look like that!?   Not before Wow'em! The Wow'em installer disk installs a small system extension program onto your hard disk. The system extension is automatically loaded whenever you start your computer.

Wow'em fonts are TrueType™ fonts with 3 added sections which contain data that describes the color elements in the font. Normal TrueType rasterizers ignore those sections, but the Wow'em extension intercepts and processes requests involving fonts that have those 3 special sections.

Since Wow'em fonts are TrueType fonts, they're compatible with existing font installers, managers, viewers, etc.

What if the Wow'em extension is not loaded?   Wow'em fonts are TrueType™ fonts. They are compatible with all standard TrueType software; non-Wow'em rasterizers will display a black-only "standin" alphabet that approximates the appearance of the color text.
And Wow'em is compatible with all applications?   Almost. Except for applications that do their own special effects on type (e.g. WordArt™), but you don't need to apply additional effects to Wow'em fonts anyway. The other exception are applications that create bitmapped files (e.g. PhotoShop™, PhotoDeluxe™, some web page software). We're working on a PhotoShop plug-in to solve that problem.
Does each Wow'em font always display in the same colors?   Some fonts always display the same color scheme. WowSolidGold always looks like gold. Other fonts have several color schemes built into them. When appropriate, you can select a different solid color using your application's font-color menu - the color scheme that looks most like the selected color will appear.
Can I print Wow'em fonts?   Beautifully! Wow'em fonts are fully scalable, so they make use of your printer's full resolution. You'll look just as great on small business cards, or on huge mosaic posters.
What are the system requirements?  

Windows™ 95, 98, Me, on a Pentium II™ or better.

MacOS™ 8.x or 9.x on an iMac, G3 or G4.

How many Wow'em font designs are there?   As of May 2002, about 75. That number is increasing fast.

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