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What are this product's unique benefits?   With Wow'em, just about any user can instantly add exciting, professional-looking color highlights to any page, with zero learning time.

Any user - just about everybody knows how to change the fonts in their software. There is nothing else you need to learn! Virtually all modern all software supports changing fonts.

Instantly - how long does it take to pick a font? It's also much quicker to pick a font than it is to find suitable clip art.

Exciting - a good-looking color headline or accent adds as much or more impact than (often tacky-looking) clipart.

Professional-looking - Wow'em fonts are professionally designed, so they don't have that "Gee, I have a computer" look common to such programs as MS Word™'s WordArt™ feature. The built-in color schemes are also professionally-designed, minimizing clashing or inappropriate color choices.

Zero learning time - as more and more people learn to use computers, many of those people are reluctant to use, or have trouble learning, new software -- no matter now "easy" it is. With Wow'em, there is NO new software to master.

Who are the customers?   Home and office users who want to punch up a page, screen or slide show. Web designers.

High-end graphic designers are not currently interested in Wow'em. They prefer to spend hours with PhotoShop™ creating just the right effect and colors. We expect them to eventually see the value of Wow'em in time-sensitive or mock-up situations, especially once a huge number of designs becomes available.

What is the competition?   PhotoShop and similar: Very expensive. Expert software for very expert users. Time-consuming even for the best.

WordArt™-like: Free or inexpensive. Results are often chintzy, as they are merely effects applied to fonts already in original text. Require a certain learning curve. Can't handle WordArt objects as flexibly as text. WordArt only available in MS Office.

Clipart or photos: Ranging from free to expensive. Time-consuming to select. Often disappointing illustrations. It often seems like clip art collections contain everything except something suitable to the task at hand.

MyType Artist™: Mid-priced. Stand-alone program produces JPEG or GIF images which must be pasted into user's document. Results not printable due to lack of resolution. Requires several steps, multiple document files.

What are the distribution channels?   In addition to the traditional boxed distribution channels, bundling of OEMing Wow'em technology will appeal to a number of hardware and software vendors.

Hardware and supply vendors, such as printer manufacturers, have an interest in adding new and exciting features or adjuncts to their products. More strategically, they also have an interest in stimulating the demand for consumables. One key strategy for driving the demand for consumables is to make it easy for users to use color on each and every page they compose.

Software vendors will find that building Wow'em technology into many applications, e.g. graphics/printing software, increases user satisfaction and appeal.

How long before somebody makes a me-too?   Wow'em technology is the subject of US Patent 6,057,858. The patent is broad and deep, so it is difficult to work around.

In the unlikely event that somebody managed to work around the patent, they would have to create a large number of appealing fonts. Since Wow'em has a rapidly-expanding library of fonts, the lead held by Wow'em would be considerable. Many of the font designs are also the subject of pending design patents, rendering duplication almost impossible.

Aren't fonts are an unprofitable market?   1 - Wow'em isn't in the font category, even though the product is built with fonts. Rather, Wow'em is in the growing graphics/printing category which is being driven by the growth in the Internet and in inexpensive, high-quality color inkjets.

2 - The traditional 1-color font market was at one time extremely profitable, but open standards and lack of copyright protection caused prices to collapse. Before the collapse, Microsoft alone claim to have sold $150M in font packs over 6 months!

Wow'em is a proprietary, patented format. The same market forces do not apply to Wow'em as to 1-color fonts.

What does the future hold for Wow'em?   Lots more font designs. More effects. Improved quality and speed. Wow'em built into Web browsers. Application support for special Wow'em features. And some pretty "Wow" stuff we can't talk about yet.

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